Multilateral Deals

  • Contracts

In our notary office you can enter into any kind of deals provided for by the effective laws, including those with regard to the real estate within the territory of Ekaterinburg, such as:


  • Real estate alienation contract

real estate sale and purchase

real estate gift

real estate exchange

rent and lifelong maintenance

  • Gratuitous use contract
  • Pledge

 real estate pledge (mortgage)

 movable property pledge

 LLC equity interest sale and purchase or pledge contracts

 Marriage contract

 Loan agreement, etc.

  • Agreements

Alimony payment agreement

Marital property division agreement

Inheritable property division agreement etc.


Unilateral Deals

  • Consents

Consent to the child's trip abroad

Spouse's consent to the deal

Consent to registration at the residential premises etc.

  • Waivers

 Waiver of participation in privatisation

 Citizenship renunciation, etc.

  • Testaments
  • Orders on revocation of the testament
  • Powers of Attorney

Power of attorney to dispose of the vehicle


Power of attorney to represent interests in organisations


Power of attorney to effect privatisation

Power of attorney to administer the deposit, use an individual safe box

Power of attorney to act in court

Power of attorney to receive documents

Power of attorney to maintain the inheritance case

Powers of attorney for individual entrepreneurs and legal entities

Power of attorney to dispose of all the property (general power of attorney), etc.

  • Liabilities

 To pay damages resulting from the traffic accident

 To dispose of the parent (family) capital

You are welcome!

Monday to Friday:

10:00 a.m. to 06:00 p.m.


10:00 a.m. to 03:00 p.m.

Without a break


Preliminary arrangement:

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